Walgreens Beauty Enthusiast

Walgreens has a Beauty Enthusiast Program where you can earn points just for purchasing “Beauty” products with your Walgreens Balance Rewards Card. You must enroll in this program by entering your information in your Walgreens account online or in your app. Once you are enrolled, you can earn 5000 Balance Rewards points whenever you spend $50 on Beauty products that are included:

A qualifying purchase includes products from the following categories: cosmetics, nails, skin care, hair care, fragrances, beauty accessories and bath products. Excludes prescriptions, baby hair care, baby skin care and men’s grooming products. The qualifying spend total is calculated before taxes and shipping, and after discounts, redemption dollars and store credit have been applied. Complete details at walgreens.com/beautyenthusiast.

Perks of being a Beauty Enthusiast:

Upon Sign up, you will receive a 20x Points Booster that you can use in store or online towards your beauty purchase. Being apart of this program, I have learned that the best way to use these “Points Boosters” is to purchase a beauty item that is already giving points, then the “Booster” will apply those earning points, ALONG WITH the Booster, making for well…. A LOT OF POINTS! There is NO limit to earning points in a day, but there is a limit to spending or using points. You can only use 2 $50 (50,000 Balance Rewards Points) per card per day.

Another amazing perk of this program with Walgreen Beauty Enthusiast, is the monthly Beauty Events. During this time, Walgreens has coupons (in store at Beauty Counters or you can find in your app) for 7000 points when you spend just $25 on Beauty. So that’s 2000 more points, for half the price and this is all based on SUBTOTAL, not after coupons. We can show them this “Beauty Event” Flyer and sometimes (not all the time because Walgreens is tricky with their online system) the digital booster and the paper booster will both attach, making for 14,000 points on a $25 order. Do this twice and you have 14k (for 1st transaction of $25) + 14k (2nd transaction of $25)+ 5k (spending $50 on beauty), therefore allowing you to earn up to 33,000 points in 2 transactions, not including any of the points that are part of that sales week.

Now can we see the wonderful benefits of doing this Beauty Event? Sign up now, and come earn those points!! The points can be used on ANYTHING in the store, not just beauty so here’s another Frugal way to becoming an amazing shopper!

Beauty Enthusiast Program Details

Get more points and more rewards
Get a $5 reward (5000 points) for every $50 spent on beauty when you join the Balance® Rewards beauty club. * That includes your favorite cosmetics, skin care, hair care, fragrances, beauty accessories and bath products. Best of all, every purchase, big and small, adds up! And, as part of Balance® Rewards, these points can be redeemed on almost anything, so you can get more of the things you love.

Learn tips and the latest trends
As a Beauty Enthusiasts, you’ll be part of the in crowd that receives our insider beauty info. And when you complete your beauty profile online, we’ll send you personalized product recommendations, too.

Enjoy enthusiasts-only extras
We’ll email you a one-time digital coupon for 20X everyday points on beauty when you sign up! So now’s the time to treat yourself to that special something you’ve had your eye on. And that’s not all; we give our Beauty Enthusiast access to samples and exclusive promotions throughout the year.

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