TwinMom Needed a Break! But I’m Back!!!!!

October 4, 2021

If you are reading this I want to thank you for your following and thank you for reading. It has been over a month since I have posted anything on I apologize to those who religiously follow me and get those awesome deals we have at our favorite stores!

Back in January 2021, I started nursing school to finally finish my degree after an 8 year hiatus from taking care of my real life patients, my beautiful twin daughters. Trying to keep up the demands of being a single mom, nursing student and blogger was very challenging. I tried my best to do what I could to stay on top of posting but it was hard and I apologize.

Wishful thinking that I could manage all that my life had been going through but my blog and sharing deals had to take a backseat, especially the last month or so. My daughters were dealing with some concerning health issues and they are always going to be my top and number one priority. I know you can understand.

I am so grateful to my MVQ, Marisa, who took over posting on the TwinMomStockpile Deals Facebook group, as I couldn’t keep up with everything. She does CVS deals and goes Live in the group every Sunday and sometimes throughout the week when she goes shopping. Marisa, you are a dear person in my heart. You helped me when I didn’t know everything I know now, you were patient with me and always have my back. I could never thank you enough. ❤️

In July, Instagram disabled my account at 29.3K followers and it devastated me. It took me years to grow that account and I felt robbed of all my hard work. I had become friends with so many followers and it broke my heart. I fell into a depression the last few months and didn’t think it was worth sharing deals or posting on here anymore. I since made a new account and have been sharing deals that I see and also more about my everyday life. It’s not as strict and not as much pressure now so maybe it was a blessing in disguise. I post when I want too and when I need to be with the girls, I don’t feel guilty anymore.

I want to say that I am back! Not full time (like the 80 hours a week I was putting in a year ago) but I will be sharing deals on here again soon. You can also follow me on Instagram @twinmomstockpile_ – I’m on TikTok too but don’t post frequently because I’m not a video editor… but a blogger. I have been blogging since 2015, been couponing since 2011 and it will always be apart of me.

Thankfully, I have managed to maintain being a mom, a nursing student and a deal sharer. And I will do my best to post more consistently. Please check in often and I apologize if there are some issues I need to make to the website on the back end to make it more accessible to all of you.

Deals are coming and sometimes they may not be perfect in writing format because they are happening fast and they may not have the best picture but have patience with me please. I am going to try my best to share with all of you what I know best… Saving You Money, Twice as Nice!

Love you all,

Lindsea – The Mom behind TwinMomStockpile

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