TwinMom Builds a Stockpile: Starting January 3, 2021

January 2, 2021

Who’s ready to start building your stockpile with me?! Im so excited to start this adventure and show you all how much you can really save and stock up with under $20 a week. Every week, I will be giving you breakdowns for our most favorite stores and using all digital coupons that are available in your stores apps.

I suggest getting an envelope and put $20 in it on Sunday. Then after your purchases, keep the receipts inside the envelope and track your spending. That way you will never go over your $20 budget. If you want to spend more each week (for instance, you have a baby in diapers, than you might want to increase your budget).

Just follow along and if you want to skip some deals, go for it. If you have better coupons, use them. If you want to give suggestions as to what would work better for you, by all means Im open to all questions. I want to give you the best success possible and help you build your stockpile in a matter of a few months.

Every week I will provide a Printable Google Doc inside that weeks post for you to be able to print and take with you to the store. Also, I will be sharing via YouTube videos of what we are shopping for during that sales week and show you the receipts that I have and what we can expect for the rest of the week.

Make sure you download all the store apps and Ibotta and Fetch Rewards because I am HUGE on rebates and cash back. Some weeks we will hit every store, but dont feel like you have to do every deal. Some weeks will be slower than others but it will all average out at the end and you will have the tools to become a successful, smart saver and thrive by providing for your family in the most inexpensive way possible!

Stay Tuned — First YouTube video will be up on Tuesday 1/5 and the post will be available with the printable list on Monday January 4th.

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