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So many of you are amazing followers and so gracious to understand that was made to show all of you how to coupon and save for your family! This is only possible because I had to do it. Going from a Nursing Student about to graduate with my RN, to having my twins born 13 weeks early with SO MANY medical complications. My only option was to coupon and start saving since I had no income. was born in April 2018 and we are growing bigger everyday. My mission was to be able to stay home with my twins (or go to work and have a home nurse take care of them) and I was determined to make a way to have that happen. is for my daughters, Lexia and Leila who are now 6 years old and to be able to be a stay at home working mom so that they always have me available.

It’s very time consuming and takes many sleepless nights to get these deals to you. Running a website costs money and this is the only way I am able to get deals to you the fastest and easiest way possible.

If you love the deals, love the story and support, and would like to donate to keep this website alive, you can PayPal to I appreciate every $1 that will go to fund this website and hopefully in the years to come we can grow together by couponing and saving money every which way possible.

With Love,

Lindsea <3

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