If you are missing out on awesome coupons because you dont have a printer, well I’m here to tell you that this is the EXACT printer that I own. The HP All in One Wireless Printer  is the best investment that I have ever made being a couponer. Not only can I print from all my devices (since its a wireless printer) but I set up HP Instant Ink, which means that I pay a small fee every month and whenever I need a cartridge change, HP will send me new cartridges in the mail. YES!!! NO MORE Paying $35 for one cartridge that lasts you 3 weeks.


The first time I ever had to change cartridges was 11 months after I bought the printer. Prices are as low as $2.99 a month.


So if you need a printer – Click HERE to order this awesome HP All in One Wireless Printer for just $49.99 with FREE Shipping for Amazon Prime Members.



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