Lindsea’s ShopRite Trip: Spent $24, Saved $115!








Happy Sunday Everyone!!! I’m insane and I love couponing. Sorry. Sue me right? Haha! Well for like the 3rd Sunday in a row, I was able to get to ShopRite. My sister came home for the weekend and watched the twins while I got to go SHOPPING!! YAY!!! (It literally took me 30 minutes to prep, drive, shop, checkout, drive home) — so YES you can do this too!!


There were some OK digitals this week, but even better rebates we have!! Some deals were “glitching” if you want to say (exp. The Axe Deal) and I wanted to check them out. Unfortunately, I still have a few more things to get this week, including:


But this was my Shopping Trip Round 1!


I also had some “essentials” I needed for the house, that included:

  • Chobani Yogurts Buy 10, Get 1 Free – $10
  • ShopRite Grated Parm Cheese – $2.99
  • ShopRite Bagel Thins – $1.99
  • ShopRite Kaiser Rolls – $2.49
  • Nathan Beef Hot Dogs – $1.99 with $1 off ShopRite Digital Coupon


After all my coupons, digitals, Catalina’s, Baby Bonus Bucks and Ibotta Rebates:

Spent $24.00 (when is this ever an exact number??) on 37 items 

Saved $115.73 


Happy Couponing!!! We have a great week!!


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