Lindsea’s ShopRite Trip: Round 1 – Spend $19.68, Saved $113.61


So, Monday’s are always my ShopRite Round 1 Shopping Trip Days. Sometimes I get lucky and can get everything done in one day. Well since there were SOOO many AMAZING Deals out this week, both stores I went to were wiped out of the “Non-Food” Items that were on my list. Including the Pampers, Advil, Centrum, Schick…. I was able to get 4 FREE Clear Care and my Free Brut and Free Sure.

Also, I had to use my 2 coupons from a deal a few weeks ago where if you bought 10 Knorr’s Rice Sides, you got a FREE ShopRite Reusable Bag and FREE Energizer Eco Advanced Batteries. Those coupons expired 5/1, so I HAD to grab them.

All this here cost me a total of $19.68 (of which $3.99 was that bag of Portuguese Rolls, that my daughter lives off of). I made a goal for myself and my household that I would spend less then $30 a week on groceries/household essentials.

Something you may not know about me is that I am a single mom of twin girls (who just turned 5 on 4/26) and I cannot work because of they both are medically disabled. I have worked my whole life up until they were born and never worried about how much something cost. Well that changed, and now I live off SSI and SNAP. I am considered WAY below the poverty level according to the poverty levels in my state. But I feel richer then I ever have been! Because of COUPONING!!

Which is why I break my hauls up into two transactions. My Food and Non-Food transactions. My daughters are both still in diapers and yes, I still buy them. Everything that is a money maker, goes into my “Non Food” transaction and it brings down the cost of diapers, paper products, shampoo, everything else that I would not be able to afford without the coupon Magic.

My next trip, will include those Money Maker deals that you can find HERE in the Top Deals post, so that when I buy the boxes of Pampers, I am estimating a cost of about $14 out of pocket. Since my stores were out – I will check back on Wednesday or Friday and grab those deals.


Here is a breakdown of everything I got Today:


  1. Reusable Bag & Energizer Batteries – FREE with Store Coupon from previous sale
  2. ShopRite Apple Juice – $0.99 (No Coupon Needed)
  3. The Farmer’s Hen Dozen Eggs – $0.99 (No Coupon Needed)
  4. Portuguese Rolls 12 pk – $3.99 (No Coupons……….But Leila Loves them)
  5. $2 Money Maker on Bush’s Variety Beans

  6. 4 FREE Boxes of Minute Rice!! 

  7. FREE Wholesome Pantry Tortilla Chips with Cheap Salsa

  8. FREE Ramen Noodles + FREE Very Veggie Noodles

  9.  Pennies for Ken’s Salad Dressing

  10. FRESH Avacado’s for $0.36 

  11. $0.82 Mott’s Applesauce 6pks

  12. Stock up on Mott’s Juice Boxes

  13. FREE Brut and Sure Deodorant 

  14. FREE Clear Care Rinse & Go


My total spent was $19.68

I saved a Total of $113.61


Thats almost 83% savings!!



If I can do this coupon thing, so can you!! <3