Lindsea’s Shopping Trip Round 2 – $6.36 MONEY MAKER !!!


I’m pretty sure this is the best couponing haul I have ever done. Well, it was 2 hauls but with every sale, coupon, digital coupon, and rebates I ended up having a $6.36 MONEY MAKER!!!!


So Here is how I did my Shopping Trips:

1st Store 

1 Pampers Swaddlers 
1 Pampers Easy Ups
1 Schick Quattro 
1 Roliads
1 Advil Cold & Sinus
1 All Laundry Single Dose 

Total after coupons and digitals: $19.78

* My $10/$39.99 Digital Coupon did not come off. – I will just call 1800ShopRite and they will reimburse my total*

Got Back: $5 Easy Ups Ibotta Rebate

Got Back: $5 off next $10 Purchase (Baby Bonus Bucks — CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO)

Submitted for $10/$30 P&G Rebate for Buying Pampers

Final Total will be: $5.22 Money Maker


2nd Store: 

2 Centrum Men’s MultiGummies 

1 Water Wipes (priced at $3.99 and I had a $2 off 1 Catalina coupon in my stash) 

Total after coupons and digitals: $0.11 

Got Back $1.25 from Ibotta – $1 for Water Wipes (limit 5) and $0.25 Any Brand

Final Total: $1.14 Money Maker!


Total for all of this is a $6.36 MONEY MAKER!!!! I MADE MONEY Shopping today! 

I hope you all check out my video that is posted HERE! 



Click each Item that I purchase to see the deal! 



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