Lindsea’s Shopping Trip: $38.31, Saved OVER $150!!!! (& OVER 9 Lbs of MEAT!!!)












SHOP RITE 6/10 – 6/16

So Guess what!?!? IM DONE SHOPPING for the week!!!! I couldn’t believe my store had EVERYTHING I needed!!! Including my FREE Persil!!! (Well, technically I have to go back getmy $0.13  Magnum Ice Cream Pint because they were sold out, but that’s IT!!!

I indulged a little bit this week on things. I bought over 3lbs of Boneless Chicken Breast at $1.99 a pound, and a 2 lb Steak, My International Delight,  as well as those Nathan’s Mozzerella Sticks (bc they were $1.99!!! and I LOVE Mozzerella Sticks!!) — I also didn’t plan on getting the Doritos Deal (Pick 3, Pay $1.99) but my daughter (I’m hoping) will start eating pretzels so Im crossing my fingers on that!

ALSO, I cashed in my FREE Poland Spring 8pk Sparkling Water coupon so that was a plus, AND I met another single mom in the store that was SO suprised at my total (of course I referred her to the group!!)

A few other things without coupons, were added to my cart that I will list below. Everything else I have added the link so you can do the deal too!

Here is a clearer picture of my haul:



Ok – Ready for the Totals?? – SPENT $38.31 after Sales and Rebates – I didnt use any Catalinas so this was a GREAT Savings OVER $150 and it included over 9 lbs of meat!!!


Here’s What I Bought;

Cheez Its – $1.88 – NO COUPON

International Delight Creamer – $4.99 – NO COUPON

4 Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffees:  2/$4 (Used 4 – $0.50/1 tearpad coupons I had so they came to $1 each)

3 Chobani Yogurts – $1 each

Friendship Sour Cream – $0.99 with Digital

ShopRite Whipped Cream Cheese – $2.79

Lay’s Family Chips – Pick 3, Pay $1.99 each – $5.97

Boneless Chicken Breast – $6.83

London Broil – $6.06


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