So You want to start shopping at CVS? GREAT!!! It’s a GREAT store to get some awesome deals at. I call it an “investment store”, meaning you have to put in a little bit of money (cash out of your own pocket) to get back CVS “Extra Care Bucks” (ECB). These are printed at the bottom of your receipt when you make qualifying purchases.

The deals change week to week and the Extra Care Bucks is like YOUR money to spend on CVS products. What I do is, I keep “rolling” my ECB’s to keep them up to date and not lose any money. Rolling Extra Care Bucks means to pay with Extra Care Bucks to get Extra Care Bucks.


  • Buy 2 Maybelline Cosmetics, Get back $5 Extra Care Bucks.

Say your total after coupons is $4.98. You pay $4.98 and get back $5 Extra Care Bucks.

The following week:

  • Buy 2 Covergirl Cosmetics, get back $6 Extra Care Bucks.

After coupons, your total comes to $4.98

PAY with your $5 ECB from the Maybelline Deal and get back $6 ECB for the Covergirl…


See how we “rolled” the old ECB to get a bigger value ECB??? MONEY MAKER!!! This happens all the time and you will eventually put in a small amount from your pocket and have a large stack of ECB’s to use.


CVS Allows you to use Manufacturer coupons, as well as any CVS store coupons (that print at the CVS Red Coupon Center) or in-app coupons on one item. (Unless the app coupon is the same as the paper coupon – so pick the best value!!)


CVS also has what is called a “Beauty Bucks” Club. When you sign up and register your card online, make sure you sign up HERE for Beauty Club. You will earn $3 on every $30 you spend on Beauty Items (participating items can be found on the website) …. and the $30 is BEFORE coupons!!!


My FAVORITE part of CVS (and this varies by location and store) but most of them partake in it. It is called the 98% rule. What that means is, if you are within 98% of the total needed to receive the Extra Care Bucks, then you will still get it. So you don’t have to be exact, but within 98%

Here’s a Chart to show you what I am talking about:










*Thank you for the photo!


This comes in handy when you are pennies short of your price to get the Extra Care Bucks!


Check out the CVS Coupon Policy HERE and read more about it.



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