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Couponing 101 with TwinMomStockpile


Thank you for coming along on the couponing journey. This is going to change your life and lifestyle. If you put the work into it, it will pay off and you will never think about paying full price again. My mission – to get you to pay the lowest price, and stock up with what your family needs, until the next time that same price (or close to it) comes along. At, I have strived to help mom’s like me save and thrive and not just sacrifice and survive. No family should ever have to choose between food or essentials and paying bills. I am living proof that it can be done! You can read more about my journey HERE

I suggest at the beginning of your couponing journey that you find ONE STORE to focus on. Too much, too fast will ultimately frustrate you and you will want to give up! That’s not my goal, so pick ONE STORE, whether its a Target or Walmart (Big Box Store), CVS or Walgreens (Drug Stores) or your local supermarket, which you would have to Google their specific coupon policy and by learning the basics, you will be able to use your skills here and apply it to the store’s couponing policy. 

If you already know the basis of coupons and how they work, fast forward to “How To Coupon at ___________” and you will be able to see specific store couponing rules and techniques.

Let’s start with some SIMPLE coupon terms, what a coupon is, and where you can find them. There is a whole new language that you will have to learn and once you get it, it will become second nature to you. This is super Beginner/Newbie Couponing 101.

Coupon Lingo …..
How Do I Use Coupons…
Difference Between Coupons….
Where can I Find Coupons….
When Should I Use my Coupons….
Where can I Find Coupon Matchups/Deals….
When should I STOCK UP Scenario….