March 19, 2020 is dedicated to bringing you all the resources you need to save for your family. I am living proof that couponing has helped me not just survive, but thrive and build a stockpile of all the necessities that my family needs. I started couponing for diapers for the twins and I grew to LOVE and obsess with saving money! Shopping for FREE? Now THAT’s a woman’s dream right?

Well, I was thinking this week…. “I have a couponing blog (…. I have Facebook groups dedicated to couponing… I have an Instagram account that shows breakdowns and online deals….. WHY AM I NOT SHOWING PEOPLE HOW TO COUPON?!!?”

Problem Solved! I just made this video for all of you on my YOUTUBE Channel so you can watch and see Step-by -step HOW to coupon, WHEN to coupon and the benefits it can bring to your household.



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