Have you ever wondered what is the easiest way to manage and organize all of your coupons? Are you still using a binder and clipping for hours, taking hours to go through the expired ones? Searching for that coupon that the deal says its in 6/1 SS? 

Well…… I have a perfect way for you to stay organized, save time, and therefore save money!!! 

Insert Coupons: – These coupons are found in the local newspaper on Sundays. SmartSource, RetailMeNot, and P&G are the 3 distributors of insert coupons. 

Take a file folder – Write the Date that the insert came out on the tab and/or the distributor (SS, RMN, P&G) and put your entire insert inside the folder. DONE! 

You will be able to go right to the folder and insert coupon from the posted deal and clip it, add it to your list and put the insert back in the folder. Leave it there for the next deal. Its ok to have inserts with a coupon clipped out, you’re saving money!! I keep these folders for 8-12 weeks. Usually the coupons are expired in a few months and then I recycle the unused inserts and recycle the folder by placing a label over the date and use it for the next inserts that are coming out! 


Store these inserts in a magazine rack, an organizer bin, even an empty Cheerios Box will work!! Just cut the top off the box and cut out a section so you can see your file dates! 


2. Printables, Catalina’s & “Extra”‘s:  Here’s where you will need some binder clips, or you can absolutely use another file folder like above to put your printable coupons. Use a Storage Bag, or old tissue box, anything to keep them organized along with your organized insert coupons. 

Print your coupons and cut them out. Make 2 piles, FOOD & NON-FOOD (this will help you SO MUCH when you are searching for a coupon you might have printed). Take a Binder clip and BAM! You got your printables organized. 

Catalina coupons that you get with your receipts, put those in a pile and clip together – Always check these coupons when you make your shopping list! You will be surprised at what those coupons will have. Sometimes they are better then the coupon listed on the deal! 

“Extra” coupons are those that you have clipped and didnt use, or hangtags, peelies, anything besides a printable or Catalina coupon — Just keep those together clipped with a binder clip and put in your pouch or box or whatever you choose. These come in handy at the store or even make a better deal when you least expect it. 


3. THE POUCH!!!!!:  This is going to be your new best friend. This is where you will put your store card, your list, your clipped coupons attached to your list .Keep a pencil in there to check off the items while you go through the store! — I even keep a small envelope (you can use a paper clip) inside the pouch that are used for “Payment” methods, ($ off Catalina coupons, gift cards, store credit…. that stuff) – This is the only thing I bring to the store. It keeps me organized, focused on exactly what I need and fits right in my purse. Nobody even knows I’m couponing because I dont have a massive binder laying across the top of my cart! 



So Tell me now…. How EASY does that sound???? Think you can manage giving up your binder?? I think so!!! This will save your time, money and energy and make your shopping experience THAT much easier!!! 


Happy Organizing!!! 

Lindsea <3 


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