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Twin Mom Stockpile Tips: Walgreens Points – Earning & Saving for YOUR benefit

January 21, 2020

Being a frugal mom is something that I’ve never thought of being. I never wanted to have to worry about finances but I also had no choice but to be smart about how and where and when I spend money.

Shopping at Walgreens and taking advantage of their Balance Rewards program has literally helped raise my twins since they were in diapers.

Let me just tell you a little bit about it from my perspective….

By earning and using Balance Rewards Points, I think of it like a mini Savings account. When something is NEEDED (like medicine that I needed today for the twins and this nasty cold/cough symptoms), I know that I can run to Walgreens, have my points available and pay little to no out of pocket just by redeeming my points for my purchase. This helps me save on crucial or emergency needs that I might not have planned for in my budget. Medicine being the number one thing I use them for now.

When the twins were in diapers, I would use $50 in rewards points to buy 2 boxes of Pampers that would last me a week in order to figure out where the next deal is that I could coupon for a better price. But point being, I had those Balance Rewards Points at Walgreens to cover myself in case of emergency.

If anyone doesn’t understand the points system at Walgreens, here’s how I can explain it best. 1000 points is equal to $1. You can redeem your points in incriminates of $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $10, $20 and $50.

You can only use (2) $50 rewards per day per account. Or a total value of $100 worth of points in a single day.

You will have to pay the difference OOP if your total say is $5.67 – use $5 in points and $0.67 in cash or whatever.

When you use Balance Rewards Points to pay for your purchase, you are taking from what I like to think of my “savings bank” at Walgreens and paying for something you need or especially in instances of buying something that gives you Register Rewards or even more points back!

Treat your points like you would cash. If you have a transaction for $16.97, try and see if you can get you total to $20 and slightly over so that you can redeem 20,000 points, instead of redeeming 10,000 points and paying $6.97 in cash. Maximize your points to your advantage.

Using points to pay for items that Earn you points is a great way to boost your points but there are some KEY factors in using points, such as when and how.

1 – You can earn points AND pay with points on a “Buy 2, Get 5000 points” deal.

2 – You cannot pay with points on a “Spend $20, get 5000 points” deal.

3 – You cannot use points when using a “5x Bonus Points when you spend $20” booster coupon (paper or digital).

4 – You can find additional “perks/booster” coupons for additional bonus points in your app under “Multibrand” or they could print at the register randomly.

5 – Not all accounts are created equally in Walgreens eyes. Just because some accounts get a digital coupon, doesn’t mean all do. That’s ok, do what works.

Finally, use your points and treat them like a savings account per se. Like I stated above, using $50 to buy diapers when the twins were little to get me until the next week… Now I use them like a “safety net” or a “savings account” – emergency fund sort of speak. Like while I am trapped at home with my 2 sick kids, sending my mom to Walgreens for medicine, I don’t have to worry about having cash to pay her back. I just tell her to use my points and it covers those unexpected expenses.

Points at Walgreens expire one year after being earned if not used. I have never had points expire but just remember to use them when you can and when we have special events like Beauty Events, take advantage of the “money making” deals and bank those points to use when you need them!

Living the frugal life doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice everything. When you kid needs Tylenol, you don’t HAVE to buy generic just because it’s cheaper. You may have a coupon for the name brand and it’s on sale at Walgreens and when you buy 2, you will get back a $3 Register Reward… hey – now I’m going to have to write about Tips on Register Rewards – Haha!

Sharing my experiences and journey of ways that I have found to save on everyday life is what all my Twin Mom Stockpile Tips will be about!

Stay tuned for many more to come!

– Lindsea, The Mom Behind