My Life, My Way and How TwinMomStockpile Came to be…

Hello There! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Lindsea, a mom to the most beautiful twin daughters who have stolen my heart in a way that I could never describe. I have been couponing since 2011, or nearly my whole life if you want to count the fact I used to cut coupons as a kid for my Vavo (grandmother in Portuguese) whether she needed the coupon or not. She actually gave me (and I still have!) a coupon for $0.50 off Reese’s Peanut Butter with NO Expiration Date. And I have it framed near my desk to remind me where I came from.

I was raised in a blended family and money was always tight. I remember my mom running to the sale racks to buy Back to school clothes and being embarrassed. But NOW being a mom myself, thats what I am all about. I LOVE clearance deals, penny deals, any deals and I never shop for anything without a coupon!

Couponing became apart of my everyday life when I had my twin daughters in 2013. I never expected my life to turn out with 13 week premature babies and over 100 days in the NICU trying to make sure they stayed alive. I was a nursing student and studied for 6 years in college before I had them and in an instant, that dream was taken away from me. God needed me to be a nurse to my MIRACLES. Lexia and Leila saved my life and changed me into the woman that I am today. As a single mother from the start, and medically challenged twins to take care of, I worried where I would get the money to pay rent and put diapers on them. Couponing saved us.

I was able to successfully become a couponer in a short period of time because – well frankly, I had to. My daughters needed things and I was the only one to provide for them. I imagined one day that I would have a job where I would be able to stay at home with them, since they needed 24 hour nursing care, and still be able to put diapers on them and food on the table and not worry if I had enough Dove Body Wash or toilet paper for the house.

After a few years of blogging for different coupon blogs, a turn of events happened and I was able to finally start my own blog “” and do it myself. Share deals, savings and couponing techniques with other moms who dont want to worry whether they have money for diapers or food. It should NEVER be a question since I knew that I did it, my goal was to show other moms that they could do it.

Sitting here a year and half later, the support I have received from all my followers, raise me up to show who I am and my belief behind it. I thank each and every one of you. Showing others with my blog, Facebook and Instagram pages (, twinmomstockpile, @twinmomstockpile) and receiving the support from other moms or followers, thats how survives. I am a mom…. to twins… who has a stockpile that I have to survive on.

That’s why I am here. wants to help YOU become a successful, smart shopper with everyday life expenses. Imagine the feeling of not having to worry for something that you needed. The sense of relief to know that you dont have to worry about kids or husbands or mothers and fathers because you already know that you have enough dish soap, laundry detergent, diapers, and food to feed your family. I am here to help you continue your journey and seeing that feeling of peace and securities to your life one deal at a time.

From my family to yours, Happy Couponing and Thanks for following!


Lindsea, Lexia and Leila