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An amazing, loyal and loved member of our ShopRite DEALS with TwinMomStockpile Facebook Group, Ms Sands, took the time to answer a “newbie” couponers question on how to start couponing. I had to share this with all of you because Ms. Sands put it perfectly. Not only did she take time out of her day to put this together for our new couponers who follow ShopRite Deals group.


We have an amazing community in our ShopRite Deals group and encourage and support each other to bounce questions off of, help each other out, figure out if deals work or don’t work depending on the specified items…. Alot of communication happens with our members and admins and moderators to help each other learn and grow and make couponing a part of our lives so we can live in harmony and peace and know that we can survive anything.

How to Start Couponing without being overwhelmed

By Ms. Sands – We Love You and Thank you for this

(with slight modifications from myself but honestly I couldn’t have written this better myself):

1) Install the ShopRite app if you haven’t already.

2) Clip ALL the digitals. ALL! The reason to clip all is, because even if you do not normally purchase that item it may provide you with overage in the future. Overage helps pay for the items you want/normally purchase.

3) Install a coupon app coupons.com.. Or go to TwinMomStockpile Coupon Database to print coupons These coupons are call “ip” (internet coupons) You can only print ONE copy of each coupon. To print a second batch, you must print them again from the beginning. Maximum of 2 coupons per device (ie. 2 from coupons app, 2 from TwinMomStockpile Coupon Database , 2 from computer browers, 2 from tablets…)

4) Get manufacturers coupons. Manufacturer coupons can be found in your local Sunday newspaper flyers. You can also email manufacturers and ask them to send you coupons. Sometimes they will, sometimes they wont.

5) Start with small hauls (purchase). This way you do not become overwhelmed, and you will learn the in’s and out’s of couponing.

6) Follow the Top Deals that are posted weekly (in the announcement section at the top of the group page. This will change at the beginning of the sales cycle and will remain there until the next sale. The deals will be updated constantly so make sure you check them before heading for the store. Read the deals you want to do, write them down step-by-step. Match up the digital with the ip or manufacturer(s) coupons.

Bring a list-and stick to the list of what you are purchasing. This will help keep you focused.

7) Always feel free to ask questions. The admins of this group are FABULOUS. (Thanks Ms. Sands <3 —  Lindsea, Marisa, Shannon, Darcy are here to help you!)


Deal Example: 

Buy Suave Body Wash for $1.69 each (on sale in ShopRite Flyer) 

Use: (1) 75/1 manufacturer coupon that can be found in Sunday’s 10/21 flyer.

Coupon doubles to $1.50, which makes the body wash only $0.19.

$0.19 body wash, SWEET DEAL!



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We appreciate all of our “newbie” couponers as well as our seasoned followers and veteran couponers. I personally thank you for joining our groups and I look forward to sharing more deals and couponing secrets to help you and your family.



Thank you Ms. Sands, once again for your amazing-ness. And I want to personally thank everyone who takes the time to read this and does their homework to reap the benefits of couponing the correctly and ethically as we strive to make couponing a life long goal of savings.

— Lindsea —


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